in the industry

The industry is already a competitive space.

The challenge facing most Women in Trades is the perception of gender weakness. 

Along with the competitiveness, this can make for a tough start to a career.

But there are employers out there who get it. 

More and more, the feedback within the industry is telling us that women in trades are exceeding their male counterparts and fitting in well with the team on site.

Networking &
Self Promotion

The biggest difference between you and your male peers is connections and networks.

Most male apprentices already have a placement lined up when they take the leap.

Thats why its vital you get out there and promote yourself!

Talk to employers, go to networking events, hit up RTO's and other organisations.

Creating your profile within the industry will help open doors, build relationships and ultimately lead to new opportunities.

Upcoming events

    What Next?

    Time to take action!

    As well as heading to networking events, you should get in touch with Sarina Russo or Skills Canberra.

    They will be able to help start the your journey.