Follow the Dream

Henriette was born in South Africa and emigrated to Australia with her family in 2002. Growing up the expectation was that Henriette would continue the family tradition and undertake study at University then commence building a career. Henriette enrolled and tried various degrees, struggling to find something that she was passionate about. She worked as a medical secretary for 8 years while studying. She completed a Youth Work course at RMIT University Melbourne in 2019, where she did placement at Hand Brake Turn and worked in an automotive workshop.

Upon graduating from Youth Work, Henriette moved from Melbourne to Canberra. Henriette loved the whole experience at the automotive workshop and started questioning her career path and looking at other options. She considered Building and Construction as it is one of the largest employing industries and growing, with diversity and many opportunities. She obtained her White Card and Asbestos Awareness and tried to get hands-on experience. In general, she found it difficult to get taken seriously and even get an interview due to her previous work and study as well as being considered mature age.

Undeterred by continual rejection and thinking of the long term, Henriette kept looking for an apprenticeship and was fortunate to be in contact with Australian Training Company (ATC). ATC is a group training company, having numerous host employers on their books. Fortuitously for Henriette, Country Style Windows in Queanbeyan had an apprenticeship opening. Owner of Country Style Windows, Jenny McCarron has worked in the business since it opened in 1988 and purchased the company 5-6 years ago.

“Henriette is committed to quality and in our business that’s critical as we make customised windows and doors for the high end of the home restoration sector” said Jenny.

For Henriette, the newfound career has unearthed a real desire to forge a career in the Building and Construction sector, building on her skills set. “I love my job because there is so much to learn, and my efforts are seen in my work. The end result is producing a high-quality work which will stand the test of time” Henriette said.