Making a Start

Like the vast majority College students just completing Year 12 is a major milestone.  Whilst that may be true, it is also the reality that it’s the start of the next major chapter of your life – in the workforce or further study.

Like the vast majority of school leavers, Caterina was no exception - she was completing Year 12 at St Clare’s College, Canberra and didn’t have any idea about what she wanted to do after College - let alone for her medium term future.

Caterina enjoyed College and dabbled with the idea of pursuing a career in fashion, however that idea tapered off. This is a common predicament faced by the vast majority of students – so what should you do then ? - get a Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship – of course !!!

Caterina knew she was a perfectionist who likes to pay attention to detail and therefore her future career was going to need these key ingredients. Fortunately for Caterina a friend mentioned a painting and decorating apprenticeship opportunity with a local firm  Enrique and Catherine Alcazar proprietors of Alcazar P/L was soon to become available – the rest is now the journey. 

Caterina initially commenced part-time with the company and soon after moved to a full-time role.  As the weeks went on Caterina became more confident about learning a variety of skills and fitting into a new team.

“The team at Alcazar are like family we all pitch in and help each other wherever its needed.  As you can see, today I have prepped the work site and an now sanding awaiting the first coat” said Caterina.

For Caterina its about making start at something you think you’ll enjoy, commit to it, achieving a goal and doing as good a job as possible – then see what happens !!